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3 min readApr 9, 2023
A group of AI researchers working with Ocean Protocol (by Midjourney)

With the rise of ChatGPT, AI models are now an essential tool to compete in productivity across many industries. Automating processes, enhancing decision-making, and providing insights are ways in which AI proves helpful to startups and companies. However, creating AI models is expensive and time-consuming, and gathering good data can be challenging. In addition, once the AI service is created, most startups offer their creation behind a paywall. But with decentralization on the rise, this approach may not be scalable or sustainable. Ocean Protocol aims to solve some of these challenges, such as data exchange and monetization. It provides a decentralized marketplace for data and AI models that helps startups access and monetize their data and algorithms.

Therefore, Ocean Protocol provides additional revenue streams that can be generated by tokenizing algorithms or datasets on the platform’s marketplace. Startups can sell their AI models to other businesses, researchers, or individuals who need them. Tokenizing AI algorithms on Ocean Protocol can create extra revenue streams for startups. Tokenizing algorithms also serve as a means of protecting intellectual property and ensuring startups receive due compensation, whilst Ocean’s revolutionary Compute-To-Data technology provides the ultimate control on ensuring that the IP isn’t stolen.

Last but not least, accessing high-quality data through Ocean Protocol can enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of AI models. AI cannot function without data, making accurate data crucial for training models. Accessing different sources of data including curated data sets and data from IoT devices, social media, and others is available through the marketplace of Ocean Protocol.

Ocean Protocol’s AI Community

Another important and valuable point is the Ocean data science community, which can provide useful feedback and insights into how to optimize AI models for specific use cases. By utilizing Ocean Protocol, startups can therefore gain access to a global community of AI experts and data scientists who can assist in the refinement and improvement of algorithms.

Collaborating with the Ocean community can assist startups in overcoming the difficulties associated with developing AI models and improving the quality of their output. By utilizing Ocean Protocol, startups and researchers can develop AI models that cater to specific niche use cases such as image recognition, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. Most importantly, startups are able to build proprietary technology without relying on API keys of existing tools!

Benefits of DLT Technology

Aside from the aforementioned advantages, Ocean Protocol provides a safe and transparent platform for buying and selling data and AI models. Blockchain technology secures platform transactions, ensuring that the data exchange is secure and traceable. The platform also deploys a community-curated approach called “Data Farming”, where OCEAN Token holders are able to allocate their funds to datasets that they deem as valuable. In return, they earn weekly farming rewards if their dataset of choice experiences sales volume. This helps buyers and sellers to operate in a trustless environment by allowing them to make informed decisions about the quality of data and algorithms they are purchasing.

How can AI Researchers & Startups Get Involved?

Startups in the AI space should tokenize their algorithms on the Ocean Protocol marketplace to take advantage of these benefits. Tokenization entails developing a special digital asset, known as a DataNFT, to signify who owns an algorithm or dataset. DataNFTs can be exchanged individually on exchanges like OpenSea and adhere to the ERC721 standard. Ocean uses non-liquid Datatokens that stand in for sublicenses to gain access to the data or algorithm of a DataNFT. Benefits of this strategy include the regulation of intellectual property.

Conclusively, Ocean Protocol offers numerous advantages to startups and researchers involved in artificial intelligence. Both audiences can generate additional revenue streams, improve the quality of their AI models, and gain access to a global community of experts by tokenizing algorithms and high-quality data on the platform. Ocean Protocol’s secure and transparent platform makes it an ideal marketplace for anyone looking to develop and sell AI models.



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